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Shall We order a LIM Report or Building Report?

The days of sticking your head in the sand and relying on ‘caveat emptor’(buyer beware) are well and truly over. You need to make your home as saleable as possible and that means providing information up front, making it easy for prospective buyers to make offers.


Ideally, I would provide a building inspection report up front too. But only from a reputable inspection company.

Nothing is worse than having an offer crash after acceptance. The best way to avoid this is to discover and deal with any potential issues early in the process before buyers put pen to paper.


Which advertising mediums will you advertise on?

Once Your marketing is up and ready to go...




  • Oneroof


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • My website

  • Signs at your gate

  • Professional Photography

  • 2d/3d Floorplans

  • Beautiful Brochure Booklets

  • Professional Video



The commission is based on a percentage of the sale price


4% up to the first $250,000, thereafter it drops down to 2%.  Plus GST

When the buyer pays a deposit to Lugtons Trust Account, it stays in their account for 10 working days, then the commission is deducted from that deposit, and the remainder is paid to your solicitors trust account


What if i want to sell, and then buy.. how can i make that all work out?


We can do several things:

  1. Have a long settlement date. This means that from the time we sell your home, till the time you need to move out, we allow for 2-3 months

  2. or, we can make any contract on your sale, subject to you securing another property.  This is not always desirable for the purchase of your home, but we can sometimes make this work to everyones satisfaction

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